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Scottish companies visit Alexandria and explore more opportunities in Egyptian energy sector

British Consul-General Caroline Alcock: “I am proud to be supporting great Scottish companies that have the experience and expertise that Egypt needs.”

British Consul-General Caroline Alcock has declared that the British government is determined to strengthen trade and investment links between the UK and Egypt. Alcock’s remarks came as she welcomed a strong delegation of Scottish companies to Alexandria on their second day of a five day trade mission in Egypt, which aims to explore opportunities for business primarily in the energy sector.

On Monday evening, Alcock hosted a reception for the companies and said:

It is great to welcome these companies to Alexandria. The UK is already the largest foreign investor in Egypt but the British government is determined to strengthen the trade and investment links between our two countries even further. This is a key part of our strategy to help Egyptians build a more secure, prosperous and democratic future for their country.

I am proud to be supporting these great Scottish companies that have the experience and expertise that Egypt needs to power its future. As the Egyptian government pursues its objective of boosting the country’s energy supply, I am sure that these Scottish companies will be well-placed to make the most of these opportunities, not least in Alexandria and across the North Coast.

Kelton Engineering is a one company taking part in the mission that was founded in 1991 and has already been operating in Egypt for over a decade. Kelton is a company providing specialist software and consultancy services to clients in the oil and gas sector. Kelton won its first major contract in Egypt with the Egyptian Natural Gas Company in 2004 and has since undertaken assignments with Rashid Petroleum, Egyptian LNG and Suez Gulf Power. Joseph O’Neil, Kelton’s Business Development Manager, says he is on the trade mission to reinforce existing business partnerships and look for new potential customers.

Douglas Reid is another trade mission participant who is already very familiar with Egypt, having previously lived in the country for five years when he worked for Zaafarana Oil Company and Rashid Petroleum. He is now returning with as General Manager of MDT International, which develops the commercial capacity of people working in the oil and gas industry. Since the MDT’s foundation in 1992, the company has offered training in areas such as accounting, risk management, and leadership in over 70 countries worldwide. Reid says that he knows Egyptians working in the oil and gas industry here have “enormous potential” and he wants MDT to equip them with the skills they need to succeed.

The mission has been organised by SDI, the international economic development arm of the Government in Scotland. Working in partnership with British embassies and consulates around the world, SDI helps Scottish companies trade and invest overseas and promote Scotland as a good place to live and work.

Speaking previously at a reception hosted for the delegation by the British Ambassador John Casson, the delegation leader Dr Abdel Hadi Fawzy said:

We are delighted to visit Egypt following the Egypt Economic Development Conference held in Sharm el-Sheikh in March, which has reinstated Egypt as a prominent location for trade and investment. Scottish businesses are well-placed to meet Egypt’s needs in the energy sector: they enjoy the benefits of long experience in the field, a highly-skilled workforce, and close collaboration with academia to bring new technologies to the market.