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Call for Proposals: Public Spending in Macedonia

British Embassy Skopje opens call for proposals from organisations in area of public spending, participation in economic governance.

Organisations with relevant experience in understanding Macedonian economy and fiscal policies, in particular the public finance management aspects and their effects are invited to bid for proposals in area of public spending, participation in economic governance.

The implementing organisation should have a portfolio in coordination and networking, being able to act as an umbrella organisation for a pool of local experts and organisations/companies in the related fields (as identified in initiation phase).

The implementing organisation needs to have experience in programme and project management. Click here for the full Terms of Reference – Public Spending (MS Word Document, 59KB) .

Deadline for submitting bids is 8th July 2015.

Frequently asked questions

Q: In the methodology you have set three phases. Does this project cover all of them or only the first phase, since in the expertise part there is a phrase that says ‘as identified in initiation phase’?

A:The project covers all three phases.

Q: Should we fill the Proposal Form for projects worth over £80,000, given on your site?

A: Proposals can be submitted in any given format.

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