About Jordan: Growth and Opportunity - the London Initiative 2019

On 28 February 2019, the Government of Jordan and the UK Government will co-host Jordan: Growth and Opportunity, the London Initiative 2019, a major international conference in central London to support investment, growth and jobs for Jordan.

Jordan: Growth and Opportunity

In 2017 the UK Prime Minister announced a new partnership with Jordan, to back the country’s economic and social transformation, support the Jordanian reform programme to bring greater inclusivity and openness, and create a better business environment for future trade and investment for Britain and the world. This conference will help deliver that vision.

The conference will mobilise an international coalition of global political leaders, CEOs of international business and investors to invest in Jordan and unlock the pathway to economic transformation.

The event will showcase new commercial opportunities in Jordan supported by ambitious investment climate reform. With one of the most highly qualified and competitive workforces in the region, and supported by world-class logistics capabilities, Jordan is increasingly well positioned as a regional hub for industry, technology, tourism and skilled-services.

For more information, please see the event brochure or contact: jordanconference@dfid.gov.uk.