Iraq and Afghanistan memorial

The memorial commemorates the duty and service of British citizens who voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way, protected our nation’s interests far from the security of the UK, helped those in danger and worked to improve the lives of those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

UK citizens, from a vast breadth of organisations across government, charities and non-governmental organisations worked tirelessly over many years to help the citizens of both countries. Some made the ultimate sacrifice during their efforts to lay the foundations for peace and stability.

The memorial recognises the contribution of both armed forces personnel and civilians who served their country in Iraq and Afghanistan and who supported them back home. Importantly, it honours all those who worked on the humanitarian side of operations, whether in a military or civilian role including areas such as aid distribution, education and healthcare, infrastructure and governance.

The memorial is for these men and women and for their families, as a national monument recognising, praising and remembering with gratitude the unstinting and selfless commitment of all those, military and civilian, who served their country in support of both Iraq and Afghanistan.