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Volunteering in Northern Ireland Research Report 2016

This research report provides the most up to date figures available on volunteering levels and volunteer characteristics in Northern Ireland.


Volunteering in Northern Ireland Research Report 2016


As part of the volunteering strategy for Northern Ireland the Department of Social Development commissioned a project to help baseline volunteering levels throughout Northern Ireland. The primary data source used to gather this information is the Northern Ireland Omnibus Survey conducted in October / November 2015. Eight questions regarding volunteering were designed by Voluntary and Community Unit (VCU) in conjunctin with DSD Analytical Services Unit (ASU). These were first included in the 2013 Omnibus survey and were repeated in 2014 and 2015. This report details the findings from the 2015 survey and provides comparisons with the previous years where appropriate. It is intended that the questions will be repeated in 2016.

Published 25 February 2016