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Mental Health Services Monthly Statistics: Final February, provisional March 2018

This series has replaced the Monthly MHLDS reports.



This publication provides the most timely statistics available relating to NHS funded secondary mental health, learning disabilities and autism services in England. This information will be of use to people needing access to information quickly for operational decision making and other purposes. These statistics are derived from submissions made using version 2.0 of the Mental Health Services Dataset (MHSDS).

NHS Digital review the quality and completeness of the submissions used to create these statistics on an ongoing basis. More information about this work can be found in the Accuracy and reliability section of this report. Fully detailed information on the quality and completeness of particular statistics in this release is not available due to the timescales involved in reviewing submissions and engaging with data providers. The information that has been obtained at the time of publication is made available in the Provider Feedback sections of the Data Quality Reports which accompany this release. Information gathered after publication is released in future editions of this publication series. More detailed information on the quality and completeness of these statistics and a summary of how these statistics may be interpreted is made available later in our Mental Health Bulletin: Annual Report publication series. All elements of this publication, other editions of this publication series, and related annual publication series’ can be found in the Related Links below.

Included for the first time in this release are statistics related to mental health crisis response teams. For this release these measures can be found in the separate MHSDS Monthly: Final December 2017 Community Crisis Response Data File. Included in this file are the number of new urgent and emergency referrals to crisis response teams and the number of new urgent and emergency referrals to crisis response teams with a face to face contact within the month. Following this release these measures will be incorporated into the main monthly data file.

Learning disabilities and autism services have been included since September 2014. From May 2018 Learning disabilities and autism service specific statistics will move to its own monthly publication and, as such, be removed from this publication; further information will be available in future publications. If you have any feedback on these proposed changes please send these to with ‘MHSDS Monthly’ in the subject.

The Mental Health Data Hub was launched In February 2018; the hub brings together information on mental health data into a single place and contains visualisations and time series of select data from within this publication. The hub is available here:

Published 10 May 2018