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Correction to Northern Ireland index of production:Quarter 4 2016

Correction to the quarterly index of the Northern Ireland production industry for Quarter 4 2016.


Northern Ireland index of production: Q4-2016


Notification of an error in the Q4 2016 Index of Production

An error was identified in the Index of Production publication issued on the 15th March 2017 relating to Q4 2016, and this bulletin has now been withdrawn. The error only affected the Quarter 4 2016 publication. The correction affects all Quarter 4 data but does not impact on the overall trend of the NI Production sector. A correction has been applied to all tables with results referring to Production output by broad industry sector (Manufacturing, Electricity, etc). Corrected manufacturing sub sector tables will be published as soon as possible. Further information is available at the link above.

The Index of Production (IOP) is a National Statistics survey designed to measure changes in quarterly output for the Production Sector in NI. The sampling frame used is Inter-departmental Business Register (IDBR) using the stratified sampling technique known as the Neyman Allocation is used. The overall Index of Production is calculated by weighting together industry level indices that describe the activity of an industry sector using the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC). Weights are based on the relative share of regional GVA on an annual basis.

Published 15 March 2017