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16 release announcements containing Health Profiles × by Public Health England ×
  1. National General Practice Profiles: further 2017 annual update, child health (HES based) indicators

  2. NCMP Local Authority Profile data update: Academic year 2016 to 2017

  3. End of Life Care Profiles: January 2018 data update

  4. Cancer registration statistics, England: first release, 2016

  5. Public health outcomes framework: February 2018 data update

  6. Health Profiles: February 2018 data update

  7. Local tobacco control profiles for England: February 2018 data update

  8. NHS Health Check quarterly statistics: October to December 2017 offers and uptake

  9. Dementia profile: March 2018 data update

  10. 2018 Child Health Profiles

  11. Oral health survey of 5-year-old children: 2016 to 2017

  12. Public health outcomes framework: May 2018 data update

  13. Local tobacco control profiles for England: May 2018 data update

  14. Health Profiles: May 2018 data update

  15. NHS Health Check quarterly statistics: January to March 2018 offers and uptake

  16. 2018 Health Profiles