Official statistics announcement

Food and You, England: 2016

The Food and You survey provides evidence of public food safety attitudes, reported behaviour and knowledge of recommended food safety practices.

Statistics release cancelled

In the previous (2014) wave of “Food and You”, the main report, for the whole-UK sample, was supplemented with four separate, country reports: for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The 2016 wave of “Food and You” does not include any sampling in Scotland, so there can be no separate Scotland report this time. We had thought that the publication schedule for 2016 would be otherwise unaltered. However, upon further reflection it has been considered that publication of a separate England report no longer constitutes an effective use of resources. A compelling reason for this is that the main “Food and You” report is dominated by data for England, due to relative population size. This was also somewhat the case in 2014, but, with the cessation of sampling in Scotland, it is even more apparent for the 2016 survey. Thus, a separate report for England would be likely to provide very similar results to those in the main report. Full data from the survey will be placed in the public domain, enabling interested parties to conduct England-only analyses, or any other secondary analysis that meets their needs.