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  1. New Zealand - Bereavement Pack Information

  2. Philippines – list of lawyers

  3. Genuine HMRC contact and recognising phishing emails and texts

    • HMRC
    • Guidance
  4. Compliance checks: The Human Rights Act and penalties - CC/FS9

  5. Real Time Information internet submissions: 2017 to 2018 technical specifications

  6. Application for transit and other simplifications: Union/Common transit, Customs status and TIR (C1343)

  7. Overseas Business Risk - Peru

  8. Joint Statement: US-UK Financial Regulatory Working Group

    • HMT
    • Policy paper
  9. FCO prompt payment data 2017 to 2018

  10. Apprenticeship funding bands

  11. Portugal – List of Financial Advisors & Fiscal Consultants

    • FCO
    • Guidance
  12. Property and compensation: HS2 Phase 2a information papers

  13. Universal Credit and you

  14. Military air systems integrity management: related documents

  15. MOD external websites: reporting on progress April 2016 to March 2017

  16. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Organisation Chart

    • NDA
    • Transparency data
  17. The Royal Wedding: river restriction notice

    • EA
    • Notice
  18. Sea carriers: MOU to transport assistance dogs with their owners

    • Defra and APHA
    • Form
  19. Brazil – Consular Fees

  20. SN8 4ND, Camping in the Forest LLP: environmental permit application advertisement

  21. Undocumented Commonwealth citizens resident in the UK

    • UKVI
    • Guidance
  22. Newborn and infant physical examination: programme handbook

  23. SS6 7LP, Mr Robin Downey: environmental permit application advertisement

  24. GL19 3JZ, Ms Laura Louise Churchill: environmental permit application advertisement

  25. Newborn and infant physical examination screening: standards

  26. PO18 8SH, Mr Craig Towersey and Mrs Ann Towersey: environmental permit application advertisement

    • EA
    • Notice
  27. NE22 4BG, ABB AB Limited: environmental permit application advertisement

  28. RG29 1RP, Poplars Place Ltd: environmental permit application advertisement

  29. NHS screening programmes: KPI reports 2017 to 2018

  30. LN6 9EN, Lowfields Leisure Limited: environmental permit application advertisement

  31. Members of public: call for evidence responses

  32. Evaluation of Strategic Partnership Window: Girls’ Education Challenge Fund

    • DFID
    • Independent report
  33. Child Development Grants Programme, Nigeria

    • DFID
    • Independent report
  34. CM36 6QN, Mr Philip Brown: environmental permit application advertisement

  35. Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria

    • DFID
    • Independent report
  36. CA10 1BP, Ullesby Gardens Management Company Limited: environmental permit application advertisement

  37. TC11 – Half Height IP-1 Soft Sided Package Transport System

  38. CNPA Stategic Plan 2018/21

    • CNPA and CNC
    • Transparency data
  39. Maternal and Newborn Child Health, Zimbabwe

    • DFID
    • Independent report
  40. CNC gifts and hospitality register 2017/18

    • CNPA and CNC
    • Transparency data