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  1. Foundation trust consolidation data publications: background information

  2. Competition Act 1998 cases in the sectors regulated by UKCN members

  3. NHS National Tariff Payment System 2016/17

  4. NHS foundation trusts: financial accounting guidance attachments

    • Monitor
    • Statutory guidance
  5. NHS foundation trusts: audit code

  6. Approved costing guidance

  7. 2014/15 National Tariff Payment System: responses to questions

  8. Helping NHS foundation trusts adopt best financial practice

  9. NHS foundation trusts: annual reporting manual 2015/16

  10. Economic assumptions 2016/17 to 2020/21

    • Monitor and NHS TDA
    • Guidance
  11. NHS National Tariff Payment System 2016/17: supporting documents

    • Monitor and NHS England
    • Guidance
  12. NHS foundation trust quality reports: 2015/16 requirements

  13. NHS National Tariff Payment System 2016/17: a consultation (supporting documents)

    • Monitor and NHS England
    • Guidance
  14. 2016/17 National Tariff Payment System: draft prices

  15. Engagement on 2016/17 national tariff proposals

  16. Making choice work well in NHS adult hearing services: resources for commissioners

  17. Special measures: a guide for NHS trusts and foundation trusts

  18. Local payment example: outcomes-based payment for mental healthcare

  19. Supporting NHS providers considering transactions and mergers

  20. Strategy development: a toolkit for NHS providers

  21. Monitor's risk assessment framework

  22. 2016/17 national tariff proposals: annexes

  23. Local modifications

    • Monitor
    • Guidance
  24. 3-part payment for urgent and emergency care: an introduction

  25. Local payment example: 3-part payment for urgent and emergency care

  26. NHS foundation trusts: accounting officer’s responsibilities

  27. Outcomes-based payment for mental healthcare: a visual summary

  28. Local payment example: multilateral gain/loss sharing

  29. Multilateral gain/loss sharing: an introduction

  30. From local payment examples to new payment approaches

  31. Five Year Forward View - The Success Regime: A whole systems intervention

    • Monitor
    • Guidance
  32. Mutually Agreed Resignation or Voluntary Severance schemes

    • Monitor
    • Guidance
  33. Monitor's rules of procedure

  34. Integrated care: how to comply with Monitor’s requirements

  35. Integrated care licence condition: guidance for providers of NHS-funded services

  36. Ashford St Peter’s NHS Foundation Trust / Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust: advice to the CMA on a proposed merger

    • Monitor
    • Guidance
  37. NHS foundation trust governors: representing the interests of members and the public

    • DHSC, CQC and Monitor
    • Guidance
  38. NHS foundation trusts: annual reporting manual 2014/15

  39. NHS foundation trusts: requirements for quality reports 2014/15

  40. Equality and diversity policy

    • Monitor
    • Guidance