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  1. The social and economic benefit of commercial and recreational fishing

  2. Marine planning: issues and evidence database

  3. Evidence requirements for the Marine Management Organisation (MMO)

  4. Non-licensable activity impacts on Marine Protected Areas

  5. Evidence projects register

  6. Marine species migration pathways

  7. Co-location displacement in the marine area

  8. Seasonal impacts of activities

  9. Standard methods

  10. Social baseline

  11. Fish habitats

  12. Habitat conversion

  13. Novel enforcement approaches

  14. Social and economic baseline in Marine Protected Areas

  15. Fishing gear pressures

  16. Social and economic benefits of comm and recreational fishing

  17. Valuing nature

  18. Climate change

    • MMO
    • Research and analysis
  19. Aquaculture sites

  20. Marine licence review (MMO 1126)

  21. Approaches to maintaining knowledge on location of ephemeral features

  22. Seasonal risks of marine activities

  23. Futures analysis for the North East, North West, South East and South West marine plan areas (MMO 1127)

  24. National level environmental assessments

  25. Environmental carrying capacities

  26. Alternative use of dredged material

  27. Evaluation of marine protected area management measures concerning fishing

  28. Innovative and novel approaches to wildlife enforcement

  29. Continued development of standardised methods for describing environmental pressures and sensitivities

  30. Novel technologies to reduce risks to marine protected areas

  31. Temporal variability of priority marine species and habitats

  32. Co-location displacement in the marine area, the likelihood and impact on marine activities

  33. Impact of external pressures on fisheries in Western Waters (area 7)

  34. Improved spatial data on activity distribution and intensity

  35. Acclimation of birds to disturbance from marine activities

  36. Pressures of different fishing gear

  37. Natural Capital and Ecosystem Service approaches to management

  38. Distribution and condition of protected species and habitats

  39. Impacts of climate change at scales applicable to marine planning

  40. Seasonal bird density and key foraging areas