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  1. Safety lessons: keeping your fishing crew safe by reviewing risk assessments

  2. Safety lessons: keeping a proper lookout at sea and wearing flotation devices

  3. Safety lessons: safe carriage of solid bulk cargoes on ships

  4. MAIB safety digest: volume 2, 2017

  5. Accident Reporting and Investigation Regulations: post implementation review

    • DfT, RPC and MAIB
    • Research and analysis
  6. Safety lessons: keeping vigilant of flooding risks on fishing vessels

  7. Safety lessons: dangers with incorrect use of deck equipment

  8. Safety lessons: maintaining electrical equipment on fishing vessels

  9. Safety lessons: passenger safety on RIB tours

  10. Safety lessons: safe working practices on fishing vessels

  11. MAIB safety digest: volume 1, 2017

  12. Safety lessons: dangers of walking on fishing vessel tipping doors

  13. Safety lessons: minimising the risk of cold water shock

  14. Safety lessons: assessing risks when mooring your fishing vessel

  15. Safety lessons: assessing the suitability of an unfamiliar berth

  16. How lifejackets are used in commercial fishing

  17. Safety lessons: assessing the risk of falling overboard from your fishing vessel

  18. Safety lessons: increasing survival chances if you enter the water

  19. Safety lessons: raising the alarm if you go overboard from your fishing vessel

  20. Safety lessons: developing a strong safety culture on your fishing vessel

  21. MAIB safety digest: volume 2, 2016

  22. Safety lessons: importance of safety alarms and regular drills on vessels

  23. Safety lessons: assessing the stability of small fishing vessels

  24. Safety lessons: planning your watchkeeping arrangements

  25. Safety lessons: dangers of unfenced openings on your fishing vessel

  26. Safety lessons: what to do if your fishing vessel catches fire

  27. MAIB safety digest: volume 1, 2016

  28. Safety lessons: assessing ship stability for the intended voyage

  29. Safety lessons: keeping a safe navigational watch on your fishing vessel

  30. Safety lessons: dangers of recovering lost fishing gear

  31. Safety lessons: stability of your modified under 15m fishing vessel

  32. Safety lessons: precautionary measures when shooting nets on trawlers

  33. Safety lessons: locating vessels in distress

  34. MAIB safety digest: volume 2, 2015

  35. Safety lessons: dangers of single-handed fishing operations

  36. Safety lessons: keeping a proper lookout on your vessel

  37. MAIB safety digest: volume 1, 2015

  38. Safety lessons: inspecting exhaust systems on boats

  39. MAIB safety digest: volume 2, 2014

  40. Fishing safety digest: 2014