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  1. Apply for judicial apportionment of costs

  2. CRM3: apply for advocacy assistance

  3. CRM18: escape fee case claim form (crime)

  4. Housing Possession Court Duty Schemes (HPCDS)

    • LAA
    • Form
  5. POCA forms for solicitors and advocates

    • LAA
    • Form
  6. Get a letter from an organisation providing domestic violence support services

  7. Get an evidence support letter from an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor/Advocate

  8. Get an evidence support letter from an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor/Advocate

  9. Get a letter from a housing authority or association providing evidence of domestic violence

  10. CRM12: duty solicitor application when moving firm

  11. EC-CLAIM 1: escape fee case claim form

    • LAA
    • Form
  12. Personal guarantee and indemnity

  13. Criminal legal aid processing: applications and digital systems

    • LAA
    • Form
  14. Civil claims rates calculator

    • LAA
    • Form
  15. Legal aid: exceptional case funding form and guidance

    • LAA
    • Form
  16. CRM2: apply for advice and assistance - awaiting police interview

  17. CRM14: criminal legal aid application form

  18. Asiantaeth Cymorth Cyfreithiol: ffurflenni Cymraeg (Welsh forms)

    • LAA
    • Form
  19. AF1: claim for advocate graduated fees

  20. CRM7: non-standard fee magistrates' court claim and appeal form

  21. LF3: apply for an interim litigator fee claim

  22. LAC1: committal form for directed Crown Court cases

  23. Apply for criminal court costs from central funds (forms 5911 and 5912)

  24. Apply for court costs from central funds: no legal aid (forms 5911a and 5912a)

  25. Apply for costs from central funds: Direct Public Access (form 5913)

  26. Apply for costs from central funds: Direct Public Access (form 5913a)

  27. Criminal court costs: claim back costs as a solicitor (form 5144)

  28. CW2 (IMM) for representation, disbursement limit extension (CW3C), review of refusal (CW4): immigration forms

  29. CW3: extension of upper cost limit in controlled work cases

  30. Virtual courts claim form

  31. CIV APP1: application for civil legal aid certificate

  32. CIV APP3: application for legal aid in family proceedings

  33. CIV APP6: legal aid emergency application

  34. CIV APP8: application for amendment/prior authority (civil)

  35. Get a copy of a child abuse assessment or child protection plan

  36. Give proof of a referral to a domestic violence specialist support service

  37. Referrals to specialist domestic violence support services: health professionals

  38. Give evidence of injuries consistent with domestic violence

  39. Get proof that support agencies have made a joint protection plan

  40. Get medical proof of domestic violence