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  1. CRM12: duty solicitor application when moving firm

  2. Civil claims rates calculator

    • LAA
    • Form
  3. LF1: claim litigator fees

  4. Housing Possession Court Duty Schemes (HPCDS)

    • LAA
    • Form
  5. CW2 (IMM) for representation, disbursement limit extension (CW3C), review of refusal (CW4): immigration forms

  6. Mental health: CLR, enhanced rates and review of refusal

  7. EC-CLAIM 1: escape fee case claim form

    • LAA
    • Form
  8. CW1: financial eligibility for legal aid clients

  9. Get a copy of a child abuse assessment or child protection plan

  10. Family Graduated Fee and Family Advocacy claim forms

  11. CW3: extension of upper cost limit in controlled work cases

  12. CIV CLAIM2: other party costs claim (in full or part)

  13. CIV CLAIM1A: fixed fee public and private law schemes

  14. CIV CLAIM1: civil claim form (not fixed fee)

  15. CIV APP8A: application for prior authority/change (cost limitation)

  16. CIV APP6: legal aid emergency application

  17. CIV APP1: application for civil legal aid certificate

  18. DCO magistrates court Fastrak claims (form DCO1)

    • LAA
    • Form
  19. DCO Non-Fastrak claims (form DCO2)

    • LAA
    • Form
  20. Legal aid: exceptional case funding form and guidance

    • LAA
    • Form
  21. Court appointee: magistrates court and crown court claims (form CA1)

    • LAA
    • Form
  22. CIV MEANS 1B: trading in a self-employed partnership

  23. CIV APP3: application for legal aid in family proceedings

  24. CW1 PL: family help (lower) public law

  25. CW5: financial eligibility form for clients wanting family mediation

  26. CIV ADMIN 2: client's change of details

  27. CIV ADMIN1: claim for preservation/recovery under statutory charge

  28. CIV MEANS 7: financial assessment for family mediation

  29. CRM10: apply for review of refusal or withdrawal of Advocacy Assistance

  30. CIV MEANS 1A: self-employed sole trader

  31. CIV MEANS 2: financial assessment form for legal aid clients

  32. CIV MEANS 2A: passported, self employed or in business partnership

  33. CIV MEANS 3: client living outside the UK

  34. CIV MEANS 4: client under 16 years old

  35. CIV MEANS 5: client whose capital has changed

  36. L31: income and outgoings for self-employment or partnership

  37. L17: statement of earnings

  38. CIV MEANS 1: financial assessment form, not passported

  39. CRM16: review on the grounds of hardship

  40. CRM14: criminal legal aid application form