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  1. Adverse possession of (1) unregistered land and (2) registered land where a right to be registered was acquired before 13 October 2003 (PG5)

  2. HM Land Registry: Local Land Charges Programme

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  3. Notices under the Land Registration Rules 2003 and directions made under the Land Registration Act 2002

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  4. Land Charges Act and Rules: Schedule 3

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  5. Powers of attorney and registered land (PG9)

  6. Set up a variable direct debit to pay for HM Land Registry services

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  7. UK House Price Index

  8. Execution of deeds (PG8)

  9. Leases: determination (PG26)

  10. Amending deeds that effect dispositions of registered land (PG68)

  11. Extension of leases (PG28)

  12. Overseas companies and limited liability partnerships (PG78)

  13. Prescribed clauses leases (PG64)

  14. Private trusts of land (PG24)

  15. Searches of the index of proprietors’ names (PG74)

  16. Notices, restrictions and protection of third-party interests (PG19)

  17. HM Land Registry customer charter

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  18. HM Land Registry service standards

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  19. Return and rejection of applications for registration (PG49)

  20. Charitable incorporated organisations (PG14a)

  21. First registrations (PG1)

  22. Local Land Charges: Local authority pre-migration guide

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  23. Requisition and cancellation procedures (PG50)

  24. Acquisition of land by general vesting declaration (PG54)

  25. Business Gateway developer pack: developer guide

  26. Land Registration Rules 2003

    • HM Land Registry
    • Statutory guidance
  27. Transfers of public housing estates (PG47)

  28. Cautions against first registration (PG3)

  29. Registration of legal charges and deeds of variation of charge (PG29)

  30. Costs in disputed applications (PG38)

  31. Objections and disputes: HM Land Registry practice and procedures (PG37)

  32. Devolution on the death of a registered proprietor (PG6)

  33. Local land charges (PG79)

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  34. HM Land Registry: commonhold (PG60)

  35. Business Gateway developer pack: Technical guidance for infrastructure change

  36. Dispositions executed by Law of Property Act receivers (PG36a)

  37. HM Land Registry's Business Gateway: compatible software suppliers

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  38. Leases: when to register (PG25)

  39. Transfer under a chargee's power of sale (PG75)

  40. Large-scale applications and calculation of fees (PG33)