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  1. Standard form of deed of variation/priority/postponement of a charge: approval (ADD)

    • HM Land Registry
    • Form
  2. Standard form of charge: approval (ACD)

  3. First registration: application (FR1)

  4. Change the register (AP1)

  5. Cancellation of restriction: statement of truth (ST5)

  6. Documents list (DL)

  7. First registration caution (CT1)

  8. IOPN search: verify identity (PN1ID)

  9. Cancel entries relating to a charge: registration (DS2)

  10. Registered title(s): whole transfer (TR1)

  11. Verify identity: corporate body (ID2)

  12. Verify identity: citizen (ID1)

  13. Withdraw a caution: application (WCT)

  14. Unilateral notice: cancellation (UN4)

  15. Existing unilateral notice: register as a beneficiary (UN3)

  16. Upgrading of title: application (UT1)

  17. Registered title(s): part transfer (TP1)

  18. Registered title(s) under power of sale: whole transfer (TR2)

  19. Unilateral notice: application to enter (UN1)

  20. Registered title(s) under power of sale: part transfer (TP2)

  21. Unilateral notice: application to remove (UN2)

  22. Charge or portfolio of charges: transfer (TR4)

  23. Portfolio of titles (whole or part): transfer (TR5)

  24. Prescriptive easements: statement of truth (ST4)

  25. Lost or destroyed deeds: statement of truth (ST3)

  26. Adverse possession of rentcharge: statement of truth (ST2)

  27. Form A restriction: application to enter (SEV)

  28. Development right(s): notice of surrender (SR1)

  29. Franchises and manors: apply for an official search of the index (SIF)

  30. Index map: application for an official search (SIM)

  31. Adverse possession: statement of truth (ST1)

  32. Restriction by company request: registration (RQ(Co))

  33. Cancel a restriction: registration (RX3)

  34. Order to disapply or modify restriction: registration (RX2)

  35. Withdraw a restriction: registration (RX4)

  36. Enter a restriction: registration (RX1)

  37. Statutory charge: noting the overriding priority (SC)

  38. Proprietors' names: search of the index (PN1)

  39. Documents for proceedings request: registration (PRD1)

  40. Official search without priority (OS3)