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  1. Fingerprint source book v2

  2. Animal testing and research: improve your project licence application

  3. Animal testing: compliance investigations by the Animals in Science Regulation Unit

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  4. Animal testing and research: apply for establishment licences

  5. Animal testing and research: personal licence process

  6. Animal testing and research: apply for a project licence

  7. Home Office statistics of scientific procedures on living animals: user guide

  8. Body worn video (BWV) icons

  9. Fingermark visualisation update March 2017

  10. Safeguarding Body Worn Video (BWV) Data

  11. CAST key reference hard disk preparation procedure

  12. Fundamental principles for preparing the CAST key reference hard disk

  13. Technical guidance for Body Worn Video (BWV) devices: CAST, 2016

  14. Fingermark visualisation update February 2016

  15. Guidance on the use of human material in animals

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  16. Extracts from the code of practice for the housing and care of animals used for scientific purposes

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  17. Comparison report on CS and PAVA sprays

  18. CAST standard for police chemical irritant sprays: CS and PAVA

  19. Explanatory memorandum

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  20. Directions to Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) building locations

  21. Example of a completed new project licence application: education and training

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  22. Code of practice for the housing and care of animals in designated breeding and supplying establishments

    • Home Office
    • Guidance