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  1. Application for transit and other simplifications: Union/Common transit, Customs status and TIR (C1343)

  2. Register for Aggregates Levy

  3. Pension schemes: registered pension schemes relief at source interim claims (APSS 105)

  4. Certificate of Residence application: letter applications only (RES1)

    • HMRC
    • Form
  5. Apply for an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certificate (C117)

  6. Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings: returns and Returns Notice

  7. Self Assessment: Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly (SA102MLA)

    • HMRC
    • Form
  8. Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings: Relief Declaration Returns

    • HMRC
    • Form
  9. Claim a refund of Income Tax if you're an expat

  10. Claim personal allowances and tax refunds if you're not resident in the UK

  11. Claim for repayment of Income Tax deducted from savings and investments (R40)

  12. ISA manager notification of changes

  13. Ask HMRC to transfer surplus Income Tax allowances

  14. National Insurance: application for deferment of payment of Class 1 National Insurance contributions (CA72A)

  15. Apply for repayment or remission of import duties (C285)

    • HMRC
    • Form
  16. Apply for release from conditions of relief on private motor vehicle (C&E109)

  17. Apply for release of a private motor vehicle on payment of Customs Duty and VAT (C384)

  18. Statutory Paternity Pay and Leave: becoming an adoptive or parental order parent (SC4)

  19. Self Assessment: appeal against penalties for late filing and late payment

    • HMRC
    • Form
  20. Employment history consent form

    • HMRC
    • Form
    • Part of a collection: PAYE forms
  21. Flexibly accessed pension payment: repayment claim (P55)

  22. Claim a tax refund when you've taken a small pension lump sum

  23. Apply to use simplified procedures for import or export (C&E48)

  24. Childcare Service compensation

    • HMRC
    • Form
  25. HMRC registered pension scheme relief at source spreadsheet

  26. Tax credits: if you think a decision is wrong (WTC/AP)

  27. Pension schemes: registration for Income Tax repayments (APSS146)

  28. Declare cash amounts of 10,000 euros or more when leaving or entering EU (C9011)

  29. Self Assessment: Capital gains summary (SA108)

  30. Authorise an adviser to deal with your High Income Child Benefit Charge

  31. National Insurance: credits for parents and carers (CF411A)

  32. Alcohol duties: Beer Duty return (EX46)

  33. Pension schemes: application for a certificate of residence or certification of a tax reclaim form (APSS146E)

  34. Pension schemes: application for certificate of residence - specimen signatures (APSS146D)

  35. Pension schemes: application for certificate of residence and third party authority (APSS146C)

  36. Foreign entertainers: apply for a reduced tax payment (FEU8)

  37. Disguised remuneration: apply to postpone your 2019 loan charge (DR100)

    • HMRC
    • Form
  38. VAT: apply for Simplified Import VAT Accounting (SIVA1)

  39. Tax avoidance: tell the indirect tax scheme user the scheme reference number (DASVOIT5)

  40. Tax avoidance: tell HMRC the indirect tax scheme reference numbers you use (DASVOIT4)