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  1. Prison population figures: 2017

  2. Notices of Supervision: guidance for youth justice professionals

    • MOJ, YJB and HMPPS
    • Guidance
  3. Mental Health Casework Section - delays in casework decisions

  4. Prison officer recruitment

    • MOJ and HMPPS
    • Promotional material
  5. PSPRB Sixteenth report on England and Wales: 2017

    • Independent report
  6. Request leave for restricted patients

  7. Electronic Monitoring Global Positioning System

    • MOJ and HMPPS
    • Guidance
  8. Prison Officer Recruitment - Guidance documents

    • HMPPS
    • Guidance
  9. NOMS Annual Report and Accounts 2016-2017

    • Corporate report
  10. Mental Health Casework Section office move and work backlog

  11. Safety in custody quarterly: update to March 2017

  12. Annual National Offender Management Service digest: 2016 to 2017

  13. Prisons and their resettlement providers

    • HMPS, NPS and HMPPS
    • Transparency data
  14. Prison annual performance ratings 2016 to 2017

  15. Community performance quarterly and annual: 2016 to 2017

  16. Offender Management Statistics Quarterly: January to March 2017

  17. Remand and sentencing powers for mentally disordered offenders

  18. Repatriation of foreign national restricted patients

  19. Mental Health Casework Section: out-of-hours service

  20. Recall of conditionally discharged restricted patients

  21. Lifting restrictions on restricted patients

  22. Mental health casework: first tier tribunal guidance

  23. Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004: rights of victims

  24. Submit a conditional discharge request for restricted patients

  25. Mental Health Casework Section Stakeholder Engagement Framework

  26. Get help with prison visits

    • MOJ, HMPS and HMPPS
    • Guidance
  27. Offender Management Statistics quarterly: October to December 2016

  28. Apply for trial leave or full transfer to another hospital for restricted patients

  29. Submit a conditional discharge report for restricted patients

  30. Submit a request for a section 47 or section 48 patient to be returned (remitted)

  31. Report on completed leave by restricted patients

  32. HMPPS careers

    • HMPS and HMPPS
    • Promotional material
  33. Joint national protocol for transitions in England

    • NOMS, YJB, NPS and HMPPS
    • Guidance
  34. Protected time for education in YOIs

    • NOMS, NHS England and HMPPS
    • Guidance
  35. Placing Welsh young people in custody

    • HMPPS
    • Guidance
  36. Youth to adult transition principles and guidance for Wales

    • YJB, NPS and HMPPS
    • Guidance
  37. Assisted visits claim form AVS4: for youth offending teams

    • HMPPS
    • Form
  38. Assisted visits scheme for secure children's homes: information for YOTs

    • HMPPS
    • Guidance
  39. Request additional licence conditions

    • YJB and HMPPS
    • Form
  40. Placement Review Process

    • HMPPS
    • Guidance