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  1. Housing Benefit general information bulletins 2018

  2. Generic guidance for DWP providers

  3. DWP benefits statistical summaries: policies and statements

  4. Bereavement Support Payment: how to understand the statistics

  5. Employing disabled people and people with health conditions

  6. Universal Credit and childcare

  7. European Structural and Investment Funds programme guidance

    • MHCLG, DWP and BEIS
    • Guidance
  8. Touchbase: DWP news about work, working-age benefits, pensions and services

    • DWP
    • Guidance
  9. Work and Health Programme statistics release strategy

  10. New Enterprise Allowance phase 2 provider guidance

  11. Advice for decision making: staff guide

    • DWP
    • Guidance
  12. Jobcentre Plus: opportunities for public and voluntary organisations

    • DWP
    • Guidance
  13. Disability Confident: employers that have signed up

  14. Benefit cap statistics: background information and methodology

  15. Child maintenance arrangements made after speaking to CM Options: information and methodology

  16. Work Choice provider guidance: effective from April 2017

  17. Work Choice provider guidance: before April 2017

  18. Decision makers’ guide: memos: staff guide

  19. Universal Credit and you

  20. DWP partnerships

  21. Welfare Reform Act 2012 regulations

    • DWP
    • Guidance
  22. Universal Credit roll out in Northern Ireland by postcode

    • DWP
    • Guidance
  23. Universal Credit statistics: background information and methodology

  24. European Structural and Investment Funds: technical assistance

    • MHCLG, DWP and BEIS
    • Guidance
  25. European Structural and Investment Funds: useful resources

    • MHCLG, Defra, DWP and BEIS
    • Guidance
  26. Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment guide for assessment providers

    • DWP
    • Guidance
  27. Universal Credit and landlords

  28. Benefit expenditure and caseload tables: guidance and methodology

  29. Decision makers’ guide: Vols 4, 5, 6 and 7: Jobseeker's Allowance and Income Support: staff guide

  30. Work Programme (Universal Credit) provider guidance

  31. Work Programme provider guidance for contract package area 18

  32. Work Programme provider guidance

  33. Universal Credit landlord engagement newsletters

  34. Universal Credit work allowances

  35. Decision makers’ guide: Vols 8 and 9: Employment and Support Allowance: staff guide

  36. Decision makers’ guide: Vols 13 and 14: State Pension Credit: staff guide

  37. Decision makers’ guide: Vol 11: Industrial injuries benefits: staff guide

  38. Decision makers’ guide: Vol 10: Benefits for incapacity, disability, maternity and bereavement: staff guide

  39. Decision makers’ guide: Vol 1: Decision making and appeals: staff guide

  40. Decision makers’ guide: Vol 3: Subjects common to all benefits: staff guide