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  1. Evaluation of Accelerating Sanitation and Water for All in Neglected, Off-track Countries

  2. Evaluation of Teacher Development Programme

  3. Evaluation of Empowerment and Accountability & Design Stage of Gender Work Evaluation

  4. Evaluation of End Child Marriage

  5. Evaluation of Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence

  6. Evaluation of Comprehensive Agriculture & Rural Development Facility Programme

  7. Evaluation of African Risk Capacity

  8. Evaluation of Myanmar Artemisinin Monotherapy Replacement Malaria Project

  9. Evaluation of Results Based Financing for Low Carbon Energy Access Programme

  10. Evaluation of International Forestry Knowledge Programme

  11. Evaluation of Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme

  12. Evaluation of Pakistan Innovation Fund Phase 2

  13. Evaluation of Strategic Partnership Window: Girls’ Education Challenge Fund

  14. Child Development Grants Programme, Nigeria

  15. Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria

  16. Maternal and Newborn Child Health, Zimbabwe

  17. Evaluation of Step Change Window: Girls’ Education Challenge Fund

  18. Evaluation of Innovation Window: Girls’ Education Challenge Fund

  19. DFID response to ICAI recommendations on: DFID’s approach to Building Resilience to Natural Disasters

  20. DFID response to ICAI recommendations on: DFID’s approach to value for money in programme and portfolio management

  21. HM Government response to ICAI recommendations on: The UK aid response to global health threats

  22. Mid Term Evaluation of Livelihood Enhancement through Agriculture Development (LEAD) Programme

  23. Evaluation of Independent Monitoring and Evaluation Project for the DFID Nigeria State Level Programmes (IMEP)

  24. Evaluation of Wealth Creation Development of Rural Markets in Zambia

  25. Baseline Evaluation of the Girls Education Project 3 (GEP 3)

  26. Evaluation of Disaster and Emergencies Preparedness Programme (DEPP)

  27. DFID response to ICAI recommendations on: achieving value for money through procurement

  28. Evaluation of the Growth in Rural Economy and Agriculture in Tajikistan

  29. HM Government response to the ICAI recommendations on: UK aid in reducing conflict and fragility in Somalia

  30. DFID response to the ICAI recommendations on: DFID’s approach to supporting inclusive growth in Africa

    • DFID
    • Independent report
  31. Evaluation of the Technical Assistance Component of DFID India’s Education Portfolio

  32. Evaluation of Global Trachoma Mapping Project

  33. External evaluation of the National Action Plan on women, peace and security

    • DFID, FCO and MOD
    • Independent report
  34. Government Management response to ICAI review on the UK's aid response to irregular migration in the Central Mediterranean

  35. Evaluation of Results Based Financing Programme for Northern Uganda

  36. Evaluation of the CHARS Liveliood Programme

  37. Evaluation of Youth Development and Northern Uganda Youth Entrepreneurship Programme

  38. Evaluation of Uganda Social Assistance Grants for Empowerment (SAGE)

  39. Evaluation of Adolescent Girls Empowerment Programme

  40. Evaluation of Women Wealth and Influence Project, Tajikistan