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  1. Inspection reports for 2 travelling circuses since January 2015

  2. Neonicotinoid insecticides

  3. Communications with pesticide manufacturers concerning bees

  4. 11 questions about bovine tuberculosis

  5. England Local Authority Industrial Pollution Control (LA IPC)

  6. Costs incurred by the government regarding Aberthaw power station

  7. Correspondence with the Animal Defenders International (ADI)

  8. Information on travelling circuses from August to September 2016

  9. Response to HMRC consultation

  10. General authorisation given by the Secretary of State to Ofwat

  11. Travel and accommodation spend in financial year 2015 to 2016

  12. Current staff salaries by grade with effect from 2014

  13. Pay bands for staff at all grades in Defra

  14. Paperwork relating to the zebra belonging to Peter Jolly's circus

  15. Information on travelling circuses between March and June 2016

  16. Air quality and Portsmouth City Council

  17. Information on travelling circuses

  18. Communications received by ministers about takeaway coffee cups

  19. Bovine TB testing in cattle

  20. Court appeal case Rochdale Borough Council

  21. Any correspondence relating to neonicotinoid insecticides

  22. Licence applications and inspections for travelling circuses

  23. New application and inspections for Circus Mondao

  24. Abingdon Reservoir

  25. Information request on waste recycling data

  26. Mobile device usage and hardware

  27. Badger cull 2015 testing

  28. Open letter to Chief Veterinary Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor

  29. External meetings for Defra ministers and Permanent Secretary

  30. Recycling, waste support and maintenance contracts

  31. G-Cloud Lot 4 - specialist consultancy

  32. Instant Messenger systems

  33. Fly infestation at Avonmouth docks

  34. Proposed extension to National Parks

  35. Temporary lifting of restrictions on neonicotinoids

  36. Circus inspection reports and associated paperwork 2015

  37. Circus inspection reports 2015

  38. National Farmers Union second application to use neonicotinoids

  39. Flood submissions for the Somerset Levels

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  40. Correspondence with scientific advisers on neonicotinoids