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  1. Water Environment Grant (WEG) handbooks: guidance and forms

    • Defra, RPA, EA and Natural England
    • Guidance
  2. Higher Tier: Countryside Stewardship

  3. Hedgerows and boundaries grant: Countryside Stewardship

  4. Water quality information at swimming beaches and lakes

    • Defra and EA
    • Guidance
    • Part of a collection: Bathing waters
  5. Woodland management plan grant manual 2017: Countryside Stewardship

  6. Woodland management plan grant: Countryside Stewardship

  7. Arable Offer: Countryside Stewardship

  8. Upland Offer: Countryside Stewardship

  9. Mixed Farming Offer: Countryside Stewardship

  10. Lowland Grazing Offer: Countryside Stewardship

  11. Mid Tier: Countryside Stewardship

  12. Higher Tier manual for 1 January 2018 agreements: Countryside Stewardship

  13. Mid Tier manual for 1 January 2018 agreements: Countryside Stewardship

  14. Hedgerows and boundaries grant manual 2017: Countryside Stewardship

  15. Commons and greens: casework database

  16. Annex 8 of Mid Tier and new Countryside Stewardship Offers for Wildlife manual

  17. Woodland creation grant: Countryside Stewardship

  18. Sustainable procurement: the GBS for transport (vehicles)

  19. Designation of 'main rivers': guidance to the Environment Agency

  20. Groundwater protection position statements

  21. Countryside Stewardship manual and grants: 1 January 2016 agreements

  22. Countryside Stewardship: Mid Tier (including water quality capital items) manual for 1 January 2017 agreements

  23. Countryside Stewardship: Higher Tier manual for 1 January 2017 agreements

  24. Lists of recognised animal breeding organisations

  25. Environmental permitting and statutory nuisance

    • Defra
    • Guidance
  26. Guide to Countryside Stewardship facilitation fund

  27. Permits for solvent emission: fees and charges for applications

  28. Permits for waste incineration: fees and charges for applications

  29. Bathing waters: list of designated waters in England

  30. Waste collection authorities contingency planning: RPS 79

  31. Protecting our water, soil and air

  32. Sewage sludge on farmland: code of practice

    • Defra
    • Guidance
  33. Local Authority Pollution Control: general guidance manual

    • Defra
    • Statutory guidance
  34. Countryside Stewardship: how to submit claims online

  35. Countryside Stewardship: woodland tree health grant manual 2017

  36. Reservoir emergencies: on-site plans

    • Defra and EA
    • Guidance
  37. Lead local flood authority: duty to maintain a register

    • Defra and EA
    • Guidance
  38. Countryside Stewardship: woodland creation grant manual 2017

  39. Countryside Stewardship: hedgerows and boundaries grant manual 2017

  40. Pelagic landing obligation 2016: Guidance