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663 publications about Environment × and about Food and farming × by Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs × and by Forestry Commission × and by Natural England × and by Rural Payments Agency ×
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  1. Commons eligibility checks

    • Defra and RPA
    • Guidance
  2. Plant imports: 'additional declarations' for phytosanitary certificates

    • Defra and APHA
    • Guidance
  3. Rural Payments: registering and updating your details

    • Defra, RPA and Natural England
    • Guidance
  4. Poultry: on-farm welfare

    • Defra
    • Guidance
  5. Upland Offer: Countryside Stewardship

  6. Mixed Farming Offer: Countryside Stewardship

  7. Lowland Grazing Offer: Countryside Stewardship

  8. Arable Offer: Countryside Stewardship

  9. Mid Tier: Countryside Stewardship

    • Defra, RPA, Forestry Commission and Natural England
    • Guidance
    • Part of a collection: Countryside Stewardship
  10. Historic buildings restoration grant: Countryside Stewardship

  11. Pet travel: approved air, sea and rail carriers and routes

    • Defra and APHA
    • Guidance
  12. Hot and dry weather conditions in England

    • RPA, Forestry Commission and Natural England
    • Guidance
  13. Guidance on the scope of and exemptions from the radioactive substances legislation in the UK

    • Defra, Welsh Government, Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (Northern Ireland) and BEIS
    • Guidance
  14. Protected food name: Pembrokeshire early potatoes/Pembrokeshire earlies

  15. Protected food name: Cornish sardines

  16. Protected food name: West Country beef

  17. Protected food name: West Country lamb

  18. Protected food name: Anglesey sea salt/Halen Mon

  19. Code of Good Agricultural Practice for reducing ammonia emissions

    • Defra
    • Guidance
  20. Protecting our water, soil and air

  21. CCTV in slaughterhouses: rules for operators

    • Defra
    • Guidance
  22. Bats: mitigation class licence to allow low impact work on bat roosts (CL21)

  23. Avian influenza (bird flu) and Newcastle disease compartment scheme: approved flock farms and hatcheries

    • Defra
    • Guidance
  24. Protected food name: Cambrian Mountains lamb

  25. Mid Tier manual for 1 January 2017 agreements: Countryside Stewardship

  26. Countryside Stewardship manual for 1 January 2016 agreements

  27. Mid Tier manual for 1 January 2018 agreements: Countryside Stewardship

  28. Higher Tier manual for 1 January 2018 agreements: Countryside Stewardship

  29. Online claims for Countryside Stewardship

  30. Higher Tier manual for 1 January 2017 agreements: Countryside Stewardship

  31. Design techniques for forest management planning: practice guide

    • Forestry Commission
    • Guidance
  32. Higher Tier: Countryside Stewardship

  33. RLE1 form and guidance

  34. Protected food name: Devon cider

  35. Annex 8 of Mid Tier and new Countryside Stewardship Offers for Wildlife manual

  36. Farm practices survey topic timeline

  37. Woodland management plan grant: Countryside Stewardship

  38. Code of practice for the sustainable use of soils on construction sites

    • Defra
    • Guidance
  39. Water Environment Grant (WEG) handbooks: guidance and forms

    • Defra, RPA, EA and Natural England
    • Guidance
  40. Lists of recognised animal breeding organisations