Policy paper

Trade White Paper: Preparing for our future UK trade policy - government response

Department’s response and the follow-up actions that will be taken as a result of stakeholder feedback.



The paper welcomed views from respondents on all aspects of our developing approach and sought views in particular on:

  • our commitments to an inclusive and transparent trade policy
  • our approach to unilateral trade preferences
  • our approach to trade remedies

This document summarises the submissions received and sets out the government response.

How this document is structured

  1. The White Paper was divided into the principles we will follow as we develop a UK trade policy. Responses to the questions have been analysed and collated into themes around these key principles. After summarising respondent views, we have set out our response.

  2. This paper does not contain a full list of received responses, and the views set out in this paper are not attributed to individual respondents or groups of respondents.

Published 5 January 2018