Trade mark forms and fees

List of trade mark forms and fees.



Use this guide to find details of all our trade marks forms, cost for both online and paper transactions and when they were last updated.

All Intellectual Property Office fee bearing forms should be filed with the appropriate fee.

How to pay us

Information on how to pay by card, cheque, bank transfer or deposit account is available in a supporting detailed guide.

Published 29 July 2014
Last updated 21 March 2024 + show all updates
  1. TM3 Application to register a trade mark (paper application) date amended to March 2024.

  2. Layout of the page has changed. More headings have been introduced and a description of the forms under each heading has been provided.

  3. A new end page has been added. This contains a checklist and sending instructions. Supporting text added to questions that required further clarification.

  4. Form MM2 Register an International Registration updated.

  5. Form TM3 edited Section 10 – The special arrangements allowing customers to file a UK right and claim the earlier filing date of the pending EU application ended on the 30 September, this option has been removed from the form.

  6. Forms: TM3, TM5, TM7, TM7F, TM7G, TM9, TM9R, TM12, TM13, TM16, TM16P, TM24, TM24C, TM26(I), TM26(N), TM26(O), TM31C, TM31M, TM31R, TM35, TM36, TM50, TM51 and TM55P updated August 2021.

  7. Timeframe for paying zero fees has ceased and normal fee payment resumes from 1st April 2021 for forms TM9, TM9R, TM11 and TM13.

  8. New forms for Opt out of holding a comparable Trade mark and Opt out of holding a comparable Trade mark (former International registration).

  9. Forms TM7, TM16, TM24, TM26(I), TM31R and TM33 updated

  10. All Intellectual Property Office fee bearing forms should be filed with the appropriate fee added.

  11. Trade mark forms TM9, TM9R, TM11 and TM13 temporary fee changes (July 2020) added.

  12. Our fax service is closed. Please use our digital services where possible. For services not available online email

  13. Online forms filing receipt delays note added.

  14. TM12R form added.

  15. Form TM7, TM7F and TM26I updated.

  16. Form TM16P revision date revised to October 2018.

  17. TM16P form revision date updated.

  18. MM2 form updated.

  19. TM3 form updated.

  20. Form MM2 added.

  21. An updated version for TM55P

  22. Fee updated for the form TM26N

  23. First published.