The Collective Rights Management Directive

This document provides guidance on UK legislation implementing the CRM Directive.



This February 2016 guidance is addressed primarily at organisations which fall under the definition of “collective management organisation” in The Collective Management of Copyright (EU Directive) Regulations 2016 (the “Directive Regulations”).

The Directive Regulations place obligations on collective management organisations (“CMOs”) established in the UK as well as independent management entities, users, right holders and members of “CMOs”.

The guidance follows the format of the Directive Regulations and is made up of four main parts.


Provides background to the Directive Regulations, including their interface with the UK’s former self-regulatory framework and their scope.

Part one

Outlines the scope and definitions used in the Directive Regulations.

Part two

Focuses on the rights of and protections for right holders and users, underpinned by minimum standards of governance and transparency that are required of all EU “CMOs”.

Part three

Sets out the standards that EU “CMOs” which choose to engage in multi-territorial licensing of online musical rights must meet.

Part four

Covers the requirements for enforcement of all the measures in the Directive Regulations, including the procedures for handling complaints and settling disputes.

Published 25 February 2016