Teacher misconduct panel outcome: Mr Mathew Brown

Outcome of a November 2014 hearing. Panel decision and reasons on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education



The Secretary of State does not make these decisions herself. They are made by a senior official on the recommendation of an independent panel.

Teacher reference number: 0642709
Teacher’s date of birth: 26 October 1981
Location teacher worked: Surrey, South East England
Date of professional conduct panel: 29 to 30 October 2014
Outcome type: Prohibition order

Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with The Teachers’ Disciplinary (England) Regulations 2012, a professional conduct panel was convened to consider the case of Mr Mathew Brown, formerly employed in Surrey, South East England.

The proceedings were held at 53-55 Butts Road, Earlsdon Park, Coventry CV1 3BH at 9:30 on 29 to 30 October 2014.

Teacher misconduct

53-55 Butts Road
Earlsdon Park