Corporate report

Stakeholder survey report, and refreshed Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Results of the 2018 SSRO stakeholder survey and our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, informed by feedback from the survey.


Stakeholder survey

Stakeholder engagement strategy


Stakeholder survey

The SSRO completed its first stakeholder survey in spring 2018. The purpose of this was to help measure the effectiveness of the ways it engages with stakeholders and provides insight into how these could be further developed and improved.

The SSRO has published the executive summary of the stakeholder survey. The report does not contain any comments that might enable the individuals who made them to be identified and instead it focuses on quantitative reporting of responses to the survey questions.

The survey results were generally very positive. 55% of respondents had a more favourable opinion of the SSRO compared to 12 months previously, and 73% of respondents rated the SSRO’s overall performance as good or very good in the previous 12 months.

Respondents rated highly the SSRO’s operational and face-to-face engagement such as our offer of support, the Operational Working Group (OWG) and the Reporting and IT Sub-Group, and site visits.

Respondents rated the SSRO’s staff highly for professionalism (88%), approachability (89%) and continuity of staff dealing with an issue (84%).

However, only 20% of respondents would speak highly of the SSRO to others whilst 57% would be neutral.

Areas respondents highlighted for improvement included:

  • enhancing the experience of stakeholders participating in the SSRO’s consultations, and increasing the opportunities for face-to-face engagement;
  • addressing some concerns expressed by stakeholders about the SSRO’s staff skills and contracting and defence sector experience;
  • continuing to develop and broaden the SSRO’s relationships particularly within the MOD; and
  • better demonstrating the SSRO’s willingness to listen to subjective judgements from experienced industry professionals to supplement its quantitative evidence base.

The full report is available on request.

Stakeholder engagement strategy

The SSRO is continuously seeking to improve how it undertakes engagement.

Many of the priority actions in the strategy are a response to issues raised by stakeholders through the survey and will build on the improvements made through our new approach to engagement over the last year.

The strategy details:

  • The SSRO’s engagement principles.
  • The SSRO’s approach to communications.
  • A map of the SSRO’s stakeholders.
  • Descriptions of the SSRO’s Board members and staff role in engagement.
  • Key engagement priorities for the SSRO.
Published 27 July 2018