Independent report

SSRO publishes formal opinion on Qualifying Contracts

Anonymised opinion on qualifying contracts relating to a pre-regime contract



In accordance with the procedure published in the SSRO’s referrals guidance, the SSRO has published an anonymised summary of its opinion in relation to proposed qualifying defence contracts (QDCs) and qualifying sub-contracts (QSCs) relating to a pre-regime contract. The SSRO was jointly referred the request by the MOD and a contractor.

The summary sets out key findings from the SSRO’s consideration of the extent to which the requirements of the Act and the Regulations would apply to payments made under the pre-regime contract given an identified relationship between those payments and the proposed QDCs or QSCs.

The anonymised summary has been prepared having regard to the commercial sensitivity of matters, the subject of the opinion and the SSRO’s obligations under Schedule 5 to the Act.

Published 31 March 2017