Share your views: general review of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)

Published 11 January 2024

1. Introduction 

We are interested in receiving views from businesses, individuals and other interested stakeholders on which areas of the current CPTPP agreement the UK government should seek to keep the same, change or improve through the CPTPP general review.

2. Background 

The UK signed its accession protocol to CPTPP on 16 July 2023. The government is now taking the steps needed to ratify the agreement, which is expected to come into force in the second half of 2024, subject to parliamentary approval. See further details on the CPTPP agreement and the terms of the UK accession.

CPTPP is designed to be a living agreement, evolving to maintain its high standards. In reflection of that, the CPTPP text mandates that the agreement should be reviewed at least every 5 years – this is referred to as the “general review”. It has now been agreed amongst CPTPP members that the first general review of the agreement will begin in 2024, and CPTPP members recently agreed the terms of reference for that review.  

Although the general review will likely begin while the UK is still a non-ratified member of CPTPP, we expect the review process to conclude after the UK is a ratified member, subject to ratification being agreed by Parliament. This means it is important that the UK is involved in the review process with other members from the beginning, and it is important that we understand the views of interested stakeholders as we enter that process. That is why we are launching this period of public engagement on the general review.   

3. Public engagement on the general review 

The UK considers that CPTPP is already a well-functioning, high standards agreement. That was the basis on which we applied to join, following one of the largest consultation exercises ever run by the UK government. We understand that this also remains the view of the other members of the agreement. It is likely, therefore, that any changes to the agreement made through the general review process will be carefully targeted to areas where all members consider there would be benefits from closing perceived gaps in the agreement, to ensure the agreement remains of the highest possible international standard. Any such changes would require consensus amongst all members.   

With that context in mind, we are interested in receiving submissions on the following questions:  

  • which areas of the current CPTPP agreement should the UK government seek to keep the same through the CPTPP general review? 
  • which areas of the CPTPP agreement should the UK government seek to change or improve through the general review in line with the highest standard international trading practices?  

4. Share your views

You can submit your answers through this form.

Interested stakeholders have until 22 February 2024 to provide submissions. You can contact us at if you have any questions. 

5. Other relevant information 

Other relevant information includes: