Parole Board reconsideration mechanism decisions

This is a collection of decisions from the Parole Board reconsideration mechanism, which started on 22 July 2019.


Parole Board reconsideration mechanism decisions


Reconsideration Mechanism decisions

The Parole Board Reconsideration Mechanism started on 22 July 2019. Decisions are now published on Bailii so that people can see the decision making that goes into each request by the Parole Board members specially trained to do this work.

This is part of the Parole Board’s commitment to be transparent in its processes and decision making.

Reasons why a case can be reconsidered

The reconsideration mechanism gives people the right to ask for a parole decision to be looked at again by the Parole Board if they have reasons to show the decision is either:

  • Procedurally unfair - the correct process was not followed in the review of the offender for parole - for example, important evidence was not shared
  • Irrational - the decision makes no sense based on the evidence of risk that was considered and that no other rational panel could come to the same conclusion. Being unhappy with the decision is not grounds for reconsideration.

This is similar to the test used in a Judicial Review at the Administrative Court.

How to make an application

The Parole Board’s reconsideration mechanism page has more information on how and when you can request for a Parole Board decision to be reconsidered.

Published 31 January 2020