Ogden tables: actuarial compensation tables for injury and death

The 'Ogden' tables help actuaries, lawyers and others calculate the lump sum compensation due in personal injury and fatal accident cases.



These tables, complete with explanatory notes, are an aid for actuaries, lawyers and others when calculating the lump sum to be paid in compensation for financial losses or expenses (such as care costs) directly caused by personal injury or death.

Widely known as the Ogden tables, they are prepared by an inter-disciplinary working party of actuaries, lawyers, accountants and insurers. They are currently in their eighth edition.

Under the Damages (Return on Investment) Act (Northern Ireland) 2022, made under section 1 of the Damages Act 1996, the prescribed discount rate to be taken into account by the courts in Northern Ireland when assessing lump sum damages awards for personal injury was raised from -1.75% to -1.5% with effect from 22 March 2022. The text of the Explanatory notes has been updated.

The tables of multipliers in the updated 8th edition of the Ogden Tables provide multipliers at a selection of rates of return including minus 0.25% (the rate currently applicable in England and Wales), minus 0.75% (the rate currently applicable in Scotland) and minus 1.5% (the rate currently applicable in Northern Ireland).

An updated set of Additional Tables to the 8th edition of the Ogden Tables have also been published which provide multipliers at minus 1.5%, minus 0.75%, minus 0.25% and 0% in an alternative format. These can be used to capitalise multiplicands payable from any age at the date of trial to any future age (up to age 125). The Additional Tables can also be used to derive multipliers for multiplicands payable starting from a future age for any age at the date of trial.

The updated 8th edition of the Ogden Tables and the updated Additional Tables are only available via the links above; they will not be available in hard copy from The Stationery Office.

Previous editions can be found on Ogden Tables (previous editions) actuarial compensation tables for injury and death.

Published 10 October 2011
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