FOI release

Estates Department

We were asked:


Estates Team Structure


1.An up-to-date version of your estates/facilities/capital projects organisational structures including names, email addresses, telephone numbers and reporting lines where possible.

We replied:

A.The diagram attached is of our current Estates Team structure.

In accordance with Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we do not provide personal details of our employees.

We were asked:

2.Any current vacancies in the estates/facilities/projects department (may be included in the Organisation Structures if easier).

We replied:

A.We have one vacancy, for a Corporate Services Officer.

We were asked:

3.Total spend on both agency (temporary) workers and permanent recruitment fees by the estates/facilities/projects departments over the last 2 years.

We replied

A.The cost to the Wales Office of agency workers working in the Estates Team over the last 2 years is approximately £50,000. This includes the cost of a post that was abolished in April. We have had no permanent recruitment fees, as we undertake our recruitment through the Ministry of Justice.

Published 4 July 2013