Crichel Down notices: Highways England

Crichel Down notices relating to the sale of surplus land and property owned by Highways England.



Highways England purchases land and property as needed to carry out road schemes. If the land/property is not required or the scheme gets cancelled or changed, Highways England may sell the property.

Highways England can only sell land/prop­erty that is sur­plus to its oper­a­tional require­ments. This is sold in accor­dance with Crichel Down rules. These rules require government bodies, under certain circumstances, to offer back surplus land to the former owner or the former owner’s successors in title at current market value.

Highways England sells property on the open mar­ket through its con­tracted agents Smiths Gore. Contact Smiths Gore to reg­is­ter your inter­est. You may be required to con­tribute towards Highways England costs if land is of low value. Not all surplus prop­erty is sold on the open mar­ket.

Published 1 January 2014
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