Compliance and review methodology - January 2017

The Defence Reform Act 2014 places obligations on the SSRO to keep under review the regulatory framework and the extent to which organisations subject to reporting requirements are complying with them.



The SSRO has recently reviewed its model of regulation, in the light of these obligations, its experience to date and current regulatory best practice. It consulted on its updated compliance and review methodology between 27 September and 8 November 2016.

The SSRO received responses from industry, government and defence consultants during the six-week consultation, which provided us with constructive feedback on the principles behind the methodology and the format of the next annual compliance report.

All feedback received has been carefully considered. The consultation response document summarises the key issues raised and provides the SSRO’s response to them.

The final compliance methodology sets out an approach that:

  • makes the compliance methodology more closely aligned with best practice models of regulation;
  • clarifies the distinction between the work / roles of the SSRO and the Cost Assurance and Analysis Service (CAAS);
  • clarifies the legislative roles and responsibilities of the SSRO, the MOD and industry;
  • improves collaboration and understanding between the SSRO, the MOD and industry, whilst still maintaining the SSRO’s independence;
  • reduces the overall ‘compliance burden’ on industry and the MOD; and
  • focuses on the actions taken by industry and the MOD, as the intermediary assurance authority, as a result of issues that are identified by the SSRO.
Published 24 January 2017