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CDEI publishes its first series of three snapshot papers on ethical issues in AI

The CDEI has published its first series of snapshot papers on issues of public concern in AI ethics including deepfakes, AI and insurance and smart speakers.



What is a CDEI Snapshot?

CDEI Snapshots are briefing papers designed to build understanding on ethical and governance issues related to the development and deployment of AI.

They aim to separate fact from fiction, clarify what is known and yet unknown about a particular issue, and outline possible avenues of action by government and industry in the near future.

Our first Snapshots cover:

  • Deepfake technology and audio-visual disinformation
  • The emerging role of AI in personal insurance
  • Voice assistant technology, such as smart speakers

Why have these topics been chosen?

This series of Snapshots covers three issues of public interest in AI ethics chosen by our independent Board. We aimed to cover current ethical issues where there is a degree of public concern; and we have more Snapshots coming later in the year.

Who are CDEI Snapshots for?

Our Snapshots are for everyone interested in the ethical implications of new and emerging AI technology.

How have these snapshots been prepared?

Our team has drawn from academic literature, white papers and policy documents, as well as consultation with a range of leading experts in the field. Each Snapshot is a 15-20 minute read, allowing readers new to a topic to get up to speed quickly.

What can I expect from a CDEI Snapshot?

The Snapshots aim to summarise the current state of play relating to a particular topic. The CDEI aims to provide with each Snapshot:

  • An overview of what the technology is and how it works
  • A review of current opportunities and risks posed by the technology
  • A clear understanding of the ethical dimensions and implications
  • Suggestions for steps industry and government might take to mitigate risks and maximise opportunities

What else is the CDEI thinking about?

We’re also working on:

  • A Snapshot and follow-up work on facial recognition technology
  • A further series of three Snapshots to be published in winter 2019/20
  • A report on ethical frameworks for data sharing, due to be published in autumn 2019
  • Formal recommendations to the UK government on online micro-targeting, due December 2019
  • Formal recommendations to the UK government on algorithmic bias, due in March 2020

Read more information about our 2019/2020 work programme.

Published 12 September 2019