Amendments to the Criminal Practice Directions

The Lord Chief Justice has made amendments to the Criminal Practice Directions.


Criminal Procedure Rules and Practice Directions


The amendments have effect from 10 December 2013. They add to the Criminal Practice Directions:

  • a table of content
  • additional paragraph numbering, for clarity
  • an amendment to clarify the status of the Supreme Court Practice Direction on Devolution
  • an amendment to clarify the legislation referred to in CPD General matters 5B: Access to information held by the Court
  • an amendment to reflect correctly the SGC guidance on sentencing for Bail Act offences
  • an amendment to create a presumption that Victim Personal Statements will be read to the court if the victim so requests, subject to judicial discretion
  • an amendment to the mode of address for a Senior Circuit judge who is an Honorary Recorder
  • a new Practice Direction to be included on Impact Statements for Businesses

The extracts from the Criminal Practice Directions which are on the website with the Criminal Procedure Rules now include those amendments.

Published 3 December 2013