Local government spending

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Community Budgets

Community Budgets are a new way for local public service providers to work together to meet local needs. Community Budgets allow providers of public services to share budgets, improving outcomes for local people and reducing duplication and waste.

Community budgets can help organisations that provide local public services to:

  • make better use of their resources by establishing joint budgets and sharing local knowledge, community assets and voluntary effort
  • remove central rules and regulations so local professionals can provide better services that suit their area
  • give people greater control over their local public services
  • establish local partnership and governance arrangements to create a unified approach for a given area

Sixteen first-phase Community Budgets for families with multiple problems were announced in April 2011 as part of the effort to help turn round the lives of at least 10,000 families over 4 years.

Following consultation, 2 further types of budget pilots were announced on 21 December 2011:

  • whole-place Community Budgets will test how to bring together all funding for local public services in an area to design better services and achieve better outcomes
  • the Our Place! programme (formerly ‘neighbourhood community budgets’) gives communities the opportunity to take control of dealing with local issues in their area.