Tony Meggs


Tony Meggs is the Chief Executive of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, reporting to both Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, and Head of the Government’s Project Delivery Function. Tony joined the Cabinet Office in October 2014 as Chief Executive of the Major Projects Authority, which subsequently merged with Infrastructure UK in January 2016.

Tony was previously the Head of Technology at BP, responsible for BP’s central project and engineering functions and all corporate R&D. He has more than 30 years experience in the private sector, where he worked on a number of major projects, holding leadership roles at global, regional and local levels. Through his work he has been involved in the development and financing of clean energy startup companies in the US, and led a comprehensive study of the future of natural gas, working with the the former US Secretary of State for Energy at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Tony co-founded the BP Projects Academy to build a network of major project leaders with skills to mitigate risk and maximize the success of BP’s global projects. This was later the inspiration for the Government’s Major Projects Leadership Academy (MPLA), ran by the IPA and Oxford Said Business School, the Government’s flagship programme for project leaders. To date more than 600 senior project leaders in government have enrolled on the scheme.

Previous roles in government

  1. Chief Executive, Infrastructure and Projects Authority


  1. Delivering Government Major Projects in a Modern Age
  2. Transforming public services through major projects