Non-executive Director

Tim Franklin


Tim Franklin is Non-executive Director, Board to HM Land Registry. He is a highly experienced executive and non-executive director, including chair. He has had a variety of roles on board sub-committees including Credit Committee, ALCO, REMCO and Non-executive Director and member of the Audit Committee of the Post Office.

Previous roles include:

  • Chief Operating Officer at Co-operative Banking Group
  • Managing Director of the Member Business at Britannia Building Society

Tim’s past non-executive roles have included The Reclaim Fund Board, Link Cash Machines Network and Mutual Plus. He was also non-executive chair of Western Mortgage Services Ltd.

Non-executive Director

A Non-executive Director is responsible for constructively challenging, and providing guidance and support to, the Executive Board.

Previous roles in government

  1. Non-executive Chair

    • 2016 to 2016