Governor to Anguilla

Tim Foy OBE

Tim Foy OBE



Mr Tim Foy OBE took up his appointment as Governor of Anguilla in August 2017.

Curriculum Vitae

Full name: Tim Foy OBE

Married to: Dr Dina Foy

Children: Two

2015 – 2017 Home Office, Director Counter Extremism
2014 – 2015 Home Office, Director, Strategy and Private Office
2012 – 2014 Home Office, Deputy Director, National Security, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism
2010 – 2012 Cabinet Office, Deputy Director, National Security Secretariat
2009 – 2010 Deputy Head of the Department for International Development (DFID) Afghanistan
2008 – 2009 Deputy Head, Provincial Helmand Reconstruction Team, Afghanistan
2006 – 2008 Deputy Head of Stabilisation Unit
2005 – 2006 Head of DFID, Iraq
2003 – 2005 DFID, Head, Agricultural Policy Department
2001 – 2003 DFID, Deputy Head, Environment Policy Department
1996 – 2001 DFID South Africa, Natural Resources Adviser
1995 – 1996 DFID Lesotho, Natural Resources Adviser
1989 – 1993 Vanuatu Ministry of Agriculture, Principal Economist
1987 – 1989 DFID, Economist
1985 – 1987 Save the Children Fund Sudan, Programme Officer
1984 – 1985 Ministry of Finance and Planning Uganda, Economist

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Governor to Anguilla

The Governor is the representative of Her Majesty The Queen in a British Overseas Territory. The Governor acts as the de facto head of state and is usually responsible for appointing the head of government, and senior political positions in the territory. The Governor is also responsible for liaising with the UK Government, and carrying out any ceremonial duties.