Chair, Regulatory Policy Committee

Stephen Gibson


Stephen is a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Business and Government at Harvard University. He has over 30 years’ experience working as a professional economist across a range of regulated sectors including post, water, rail, aviation, ports, energy and telecoms.

In 2011 he set up SLG Economics, a consultancy providing expert regulatory and competition economics advice to regulators, regulated companies and consumer bodies. He has been:

  • Interim Chief Economist at Ofwat;
  • Senior Advisor to CAA and ORR;
  • Chief Economist and Director of Economic Policy at Postcomm;
  • Principal Economist at Ofcom;
  • Senior Consultant at NERA Economic Consulting;
  • Head of Economics at Network Rail; and
  • Competition Policy Analyst at Royal Mail.

He is a lecturer in microeconomics at Birkbeck university and previously lectured at City university.

Stephen holds no other public appointments and has not undertaken any party political activity.

Chair, Regulatory Policy Committee

The Regulatory Policy Committee consists of 8 independent experts with experience and current knowledge of business, employee, consumer and economics issues. Members were appointed after an open competition which followed the Commissioner for Public Appointments’ code of practice.

Regulatory Policy Committee