Director, Probation and Executive Director, Probation and Women Offenders

Sonia Crozier

Sonia Crozier



Sonia has a background as Chief Executive of Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust, Director of Operations at London Probation Trust. Since 2014 she has been Deputy Director of Probation for the National Probation Service, South East and Eastern.

Director, Probation

NOMS Director, Probation is responsible for:

  • managing probation services
  • managing contracts and private providers for offender services
  • promoting and supporting integration of services at local level
  • ensure system-wide performance
  • managing more than 100 attendance centres

Executive Director, Probation and Women Offenders

Professional Head of Probation

Responsible for:

  • National Probation Service in England
  • effective practice development

Board Lead on Women

Responsible for:

  • sentencer liaison
  • community interventions for women
  • women in prison