Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury

Simon Clarke MP


Simon Clarke MP was appointed Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury on 27 July 2019.

Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury

The Exchequer Secretary (XST) is responsible for:

  • UK growth and productivity
  • regional devolution, City deals, Northern Powerhouse, Midlands Engine, Ox-Cam Arc
  • place based economic strategy
  • better regulation and competition policy
  • R&D and science policy
  • skills, migration, National Retraining Scheme and apprenticeship levy
  • digital, fibre and mobile
  • patient Capital Review implementation
  • promoting UK as a destination for FDI (non-FS)
  • energy infrastructure, energy, environment and climate policy:
  • the HMT review (net zero) into the costs of decarbonisation;
  • new nuclear
  • roll out of green infrastructure
  • consumer bills vs tax
  • energy and environment taxes, including plastics taxation and carbon taxes
  • transport taxation including vehicle taxes and future strategy and air passenger duty
  • North Sea oil, gas and shipping
  • Small Business Policy (including prompt payments and FSB stakeholder engagement)

The following indirect taxes:

  • excise duties (alcohol, tobacco and gambling), including excise fraud and law enforcement
  • soft drink industry levy
  • charities, the voluntary sector and gift aid
  • corporate governance
  • supporting tax legislation in Parliament
  • implementation of the Rose Review
  • Crown Estate and the Royal Household
  • overseas territories and Crown dependencies
  • departmental minister for HM Treasury Group


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