Non-executive Director, Non-Executive Chair, DVSA, and LLWR Non-Executive Director (Independant)

Shrin Honap


Shrinivas Honap is a Chartered accountant by profession and served with Vodafone, Capita, KPMG and Egg during his executive career.

Shrin currently holds the following Non Executive roles, Chair at DVSa, Non Executive and Chair of Audit at UKAEA, Office of Legal Complaints, Office of the Public Guardian and Rural Payments Agency. He also serves as a lay member for the Speakers Committee on IPSA and has previously served as Non Executive in the NHS.

Shrin is the Chair of the Audit Committee for LLW Repository Ltd. and has particular interests in large transformation programmes, Risk Management, Finance & Developing Technology. He is married with two children.

Non-executive Director

Non-executive Directors are part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s Board and help provide strategic oversight. In addition, this position is also chair of the UKAEA Audit Committee.

UK Atomic Energy Authority

Non-Executive Chair, DVSA

The non-executive chair works jointly with the chief executive on strategic direction for the agency.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

LLWR Non-Executive Director (Independant)

Previous roles in government

  • Non-Executive Director, DVSA