Rosemary Pratt


Rosemary joined the Cabinet Office in January 2018 from DCMS where she had been the Director responsible for Cyber, as part of her Europe, Data, Digital and Security Directorate (EDDS).

Rosemary has wide experience as a senior civil servant in the Home Office, DfE and MoJ, covering extremism, counter terrorism, literacy, children’s social care, family law and mental health. In 2013-14 she led Prevent/RICU work at the Office of Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) in the Home Office. She then returned to DfE as its first Director of Counter Extremism, working to build young people’s resilience to extremist influences, to counter the growing safeguarding and national security risks from Daesh. She has a degree in Philosophy and Modern Languages from Oxford University and a doctorate in German from UCL.

Previous roles in government

  • Director Hostile State Activity (HSA) and Cyber Unit, National Security Secretariat
  • Director Europe, Data, Digital, Security (EDDS)