Director, Constitution Group

Peter Lee



Peter Lee was appointed Director of the Cabinet Office’s Constitution Group in September 2017. Peter has previously spent three years at the Cabinet Office as a Deputy Director in the Economic and Domestic Secretariat. Prior to his appointment to Constitution Group, he spent two years in Defra, firstly as Director of Animal and Plant Health and then as Director for Devolution, Legislation and Governance. He began his Civil Service career in the Department for Transport.

Director, Constitution Group

The Constitution Group sits within UK Governance Group supporting the First Secretary of State and other ministers in delivering the Government’s constitutional and devolution agenda.

Constitution Group’s functions include:

  • Electoral law
  • Policy and democratic machinery of the UK
  • The devolution settlements in Scotland and Wales
  • Constitutional issues such as House of Lords reform and English Votes for English Laws
  • Ensuring effective intergovernmental relations
  • Modern Electoral Registration Programme & ownership of the register to vote digital service