Chief Finance Officer and Deputy Chief Executive

Paul Whiting


Paul Whiting is the Chief Finance Officer for DBS and the Deputy Chief Executive, a role which began in August 2014.

His previous roles include executive director of finance and estates at Glyndwr university and held senior positions within Marks and Spencer and the British Army.

Chief Finance Officer and Deputy Chief Executive

Some of the Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer responsibilities include:

  • reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and having strategic oversight of finance, commercial and legal
  • providing expert guidance to the DBS board and its committees in relation to specialist areas
  • being the lead contact for ensuring effective relationships with the wider Home Office, and leading on specific areas of work relating to ministerial priorities for the organisation in conjunction with the CEO
  • being the lead officer for interpreting financial, policy, legal and commercial guidelines applicable to DBS, providing advice to the board including commissioning audits to ensure compliance with standards
  • being the lead officer for developing procurement, commercial strategies and contract negotiations at senior levels for DBS, aligned to commercial best practice
  • appointed SIRO for DBS with delegated responsibilities and accountability for information risk management

Disclosure and Barring Service

Previous roles in government

  • Chief Executive
  • Chief Finance Officer and Deputy Chief Executive