Board member

Paul Martin CBE


Paul Martin joined the Charity Commission as a board member in November 2016 and was appointed Chair of the Public Interest Litigation and High Risk Cases Committee in 2019.

He is an adviser and writer on security, risk and behaviour, he is also the author or co-author of several books on behavioural science. Paul has previously served as Director of Security for Parliament and in the UK national security arena. His other appointments include:

  • Senior Associate Fellow at RUSI (Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies)
  • Distinguished Research Fellow at Imperial College London

Board member

Charity Commission Board members are ultimately responsible for all that the commission does. They set the commission’s values, business direction and strategy and make sure it acts fairly, responsibly, transparently, proportionately and ethically. Board members see that the commission maintains its integrity and independence. They identify and manage risks and listen and respond to stakeholders.

The commission’s Board members also:

  • monitor how the commission meets its statutory objectives and uses its legal powers
  • consider the commission’s management team’s performance, governance standards and delivery against plans
  • focus on maximising the commission’s impact and effectiveness
  • make sure the commission uses public funds prudently

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